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Admission Requirements

To admit your child in OIS, you or your child should:

  • collect an admission form from the nearest branch of the school or download it from this website.
  • return the form to the Admission¬†Officers at one of our branches, along with two passport photos of the applicant and one each of her/his parents, your child’s report card from her/his previous school (except for Play Group and Nursery students) a letter of transfer from that school’s principal, and a photocopy of the child’s birth certificate and passport information page (if s/he has one). Parents need to bring the voter ID cards as well.
  • take an admission test so that we can ensure the applicant is of a suitable level for the class s/he wishes to attend. The test will be in English and Mathematics.

OIS admits students at the start of each semester. We will not consider any admission a week after the new semester begins, unless a child has recently arrived in the country.