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Welcome to Oxford International School, a renowned institution founded in 1987, recognized as the Best English Medium School commit ted to providing quality education to our students.
As a registered school with the University of Cambridge International Examinations, UK, we take pride in providing a world-class education, creating an environment that shapes our students through universal development opportunities, and providing facilities that are designed to meet international standards.
Students of OIS are recognized both nationally and internationally, for achieving high academic scores in IGCSE O and A Level examinations. With campuses in Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Uttara, Banasree, and Old Dhaka, we provide convenient access to our exceptional educational offerings.
Our integrated Cloud-Based EMS ensures efficient operations, and we also offer an IELTS Registration Point. With ISO certification, we are committed to delivering a high-quality education. Join us at Oxford International School, where quality education meets global standards, and students are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an ever-evolving world.
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Admissions for the 2024 session from Playgroup to Class 9 are open now. Parents looking to get their children admitted to Oxford International School are requested to contact the Admissions office on Campus for more information. We are open on all working days from 8 AM to 5 PM.
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Parents can request a campus tour to get a firsthand experience of exploring our classrooms, libraries, sports facilities, and other key areas that contribute to the overall learning experience. Our teachers and Administrators take the privilege to give you an insight into Oxford International School and answer all your questions. A Campus Tour is an important part of deciding if our school is the right fit for your family.
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Our vision is to create a nurturing environment that fosters academic excellence and character development. We provide quality education from Playgroup to A Levels, emphasizing critical thinking and personal growth. Our curriculum, enriched with extracurricular activities, prepares students for success. At Oxford, we promote diversity, and global perspectives, and offer state-of-the-art facilities. We believe in a strong partnership with parents for a collaborative educational journey. Join us at Oxford International School, where we inspire a lifelong love for learning and prepare students for a bright future!
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Ashikur Rahman
Ashikur RahmanChief Marketing Officer & Director
Alani Bangladesh Ltd
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People say the best time of a student's life is during university, but for me, it has always been the school life, and in particular, the time I have spent at Oxford International School, known as the best English medium school.
Laila Habib
Laila HabibPhD Researcher
University Putra, Malaysia
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I joined Oxford International School in 1995 after coming back from the UK. Although it was a tough adjustment to life in Bangladesh, my teachers and peers at the best English medium school helped shape who I am today. The school's foundation is priceless, and I encourage all students, past, present, and future, to value education and friendship, as they have a long-lasting impact.
Nahin Sultana
Nahin Sultana Adjunct Lecturer
North South University
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From my first day in Play Group until the end of A Levels, OIS, the best English medium school, played a holistic role in unleashing my potential. The amazing teachers were always farsighted, inspiring, and guiding us to be globally competent.
Sayere Nazabi Sayem
Sayere Nazabi SayemHead of Research
Bangladesh Forum for Legal and Humanitarian Affairs
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The experience at Oxford International School has helped me build resilience and largely shaped me into the person I am today. Cheers!
Sazia Tasnim
Sazia TasnimSystems Test Engineer
OSI Maritime Systems, Vancouver, Canada
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I am an OIS alumni (O’level Batch 12). I moved to Canada in 2015 after finishing my A Levels from OIS, to purse higher education. I’ve finished my Bachelors in Systems Engineering from Simon Fraser University and am currently working as a Systems Test Engineer at OSI Maritime Systems, located in Vancouver, Canada. I have spent over 12 years in OIS and it is not only a school for me but has always been my second home & happy place, and I cherish all the memories I made there! ❤️
Salman Ahmed
Salman AhmedSenior Executive of Brand Marketing
The Daily Star
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As I reflect on my journey from Oxford International School, the best English medium school, to where I stand today, I am deeply grateful for the well-rounded education and exposure to diverse experiences that have contributed to my success. The lessons I learned within those walls, both academically and through extra-curricular activities, continue to resonate in my professional pursuits. Oxford International School isn't just an educational institution; it's a platform that empowers its students to become confident, adaptable, and responsible global citizens.
Nafis Hamim Hossen
Nafis Hamim HossenStudent, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
University of Alberta
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OIS shaped who I am today. Its community is tight-knit, education is exceptional, and friends and lessons were supportive. OIS helped me grow into a confident leader and great team player through academics and extracurriculars. It offers a supportive family and stage to showcase talents.
Dr. Zabedul Haque Patowary
Dr. Zabedul Haque PatowaryHouse Officer
Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital
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OIS has been the architect of my educational odyssey, guiding me from playgroup through the rigors of A-levels. It sculpted my path to my current role as a young dedicated Doctor and I owe my success to the school's exceptional foundation and always will for many more to come.
Afran Salim Uday
Afran Salim UdayStudent, BSc in Financial Economics & Banking
Coventry University London
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OIS has always been more than a family to me. It gave me friends, teachers and peers who always cheered me on. It is a place to gain skills no place like others. It has led me to embark on journeys unimaginable. The lessons, the skills and the manners they have taught me is something I will always carry with me. Both its academics and the extra-curricular activities shaped me as a person due to its remarkable teachings. OIS has made me grow into a person capable of being a winner and a leader.
Fahim Mahbub
Fahim MahbubSoftware Engineer
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I think my time in Oxford International School helped me get a better understanding of how much I can accomplish in life. I joined OIS for my A levels in 2011 and compared to my previous schools, Oxford was way ahead of its time, particularly in terms of pursuing higher education, indeed one of the best schools in dhaka. Furthermore, my teachers and classmates motivated me to be better everyday and I cannot thank them enough for it. It has helped me to achieve things I could only dream of as a kid. I went on to pursue a Computer Science undergraduate degree, at university of waterloo and became a Software Engineer at Amazon.
Sumaiya Shameem
Sumaiya ShameemArchitecture
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At Oxford International School, I embarked on my educational journey in 8th grade, completing both my O levels and A levels there. The collaborative spirit among teachers and fellow students exposed me to creative challenges, allowing me to establish a strong foundation. The school's outstanding reputation for excellence in teaching and communication, coupled with a diverse student body, fostered an inclusive learning culture. During my time at the school, I cultivated a clear vision of becoming an architect, a goal I now proudly practice. The transformative classes not only defined my career path but also set the course for a fulfilling life. The mentorship, monitoring, and guidance provided by the school were instrumental in shaping my growth. Engaging in dialogue and embracing diversity has been a constant in my life, thanks to the experiences at Oxford International School. I take pride in being part of this institution, where I not only gained an education but also discovered the person I aspire to be.
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