A Brief History of the School

OIS was founded in 1987, to satisfy the need for a truly international school in Dhaka. Since then the school has grown in terms of its student population, range of subjects taught and lecturing staff. The school takes pride in its facilities provided with five education purpose built, architecturally distinctive buildings. Now it has 2500 students and 250 teachers with an international student body and teaching faculty. One of the greatest achievements is, today the students from OIS have become internationally recognized by being the World highest and Bangladesh highest scorers in GCE O and A Level examinations. The school has achieved an excellent standing within the community, and is an associate member of the Round Square organisation of international schools.OIS is a registered school and attached Centre with University of Cambridge International Examinations, UK and Edexcel, UK.

Our highly trained and motivated teaching faculty is made up of a combination of local and foreign teachers. Educational consultants, from University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (UCLES) make two visits each year in order to ensure an international standard of education at OIS. Qualified teacher-trainers conduct workshops in a range of subjects. Teacher appraisals and in-house professional development programmes are also routinely conducted.

Course of study


The school provides a complete course of study according to Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) curriculum from Playgroup to A Level.


Subjects taught : 


General Education
OIS believes in encouraging and developing each student’s individual talents. We, therefore, offer a broad range of subjects designed to suit their individual personalities.

In Junior, Primary and Lower Secondary Sections, students are offered :

English Language, English Literature, Rhymes, Drawing, Spelling & Dictation, Bangla, Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Studies, Economics, German Language, General Knowledge, Geography, Health Education, History, Mathematics, Moral Science, Religion and Social Studies

In the O-Level Section, students have some compulsory subjects as well as a range of choice between subjects. The following subjects are offered in O Level: English, Mathematics, Bangla, Bangladesh Studies, Computer Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Principles of Accounts, Business Studies, Commerce, Economics, Human & Social Biology, Environmental Management, Additional Mathematics, Art & Design.

In A-level, students are offered English, Pure Mathematics, Mechanics, Statistics, Further Mathematics, Art & Design,Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Accounting, Business Studies, Computing, Applied ICT and Law.


Physical Education


Football, Cricket, Handball, Basketball, Table-tennis, Badminton


Aesthetic Education


Music, Dance, Drama, Arts and Crafts, Art and Design are offered as part of the regular academic curriculum. Cartoon drawing is an added attraction for the young students.


School Structure


The main campus is located at House 34, Road 27(old) 16(new), Dhanmondi, Dhaka – 1209. This campus houses Classes 3 to12. The junior campus is located at House 113, Road 9/A, Dhanmondi. The school is divided into the following sections:

1. Junior Section for classes Playgroup, Nursery, KG-1& 2 and Class 1-2.
2. Primary & Lower Secondary Section for Classes 3-7.
3. O & A Level Section for Classes 8-12

Apart from that, the school has campuses in Uttara, Gulshan and Banasree




Junior Section

Vice Principal, Lead Teachers

Primary & Lower Secondary Section

Vice Principal, Asst. Vice Principal, Lead Teachers

O & A Level Section

Coordinator, Senior Asst. Coordinators, Asst. Coordinators

These highly qualified and experienced personnel deal with all academic and administrative issues relating to that section. All queries and complaints should be addressed to the Head of the section in which your child is enrolled.


Cambridge and Edexcel Examination Centre


OIS is a registered school and attached Centre with University of Cambridge International Examinations, UK and Edexcel, UK. . ‘O’, ‘AS’ & ‘A’ Level Examinations are held in our school premises. Pre-Tests and Checkpoint Tests are also held for all students of class 8, in English, Mathematics and Science. The Checkpoint Tests are held to test the student’s strengths and weaknesses, as a guide to preparing for the ‘O’ Level examinations and to act as a basis for the action plan for study.


Extra-curricular activities


OIS is dedicated to the growth and development of each student, parallel to academics. But of course, Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) should never hamper academics and for this reason, we have decided to launch a separate ECA programme dedicated purely for extra-curricular activities after normal school hours and on Saturdays. Students can choose as many ECAs as they can accommodate from Dance, Drama, Debate, Recitation & News Presentation, Music, Art & Design, Youth Development, Games & Sports, Martial Arts, etc.

School Automation Software : For Better School Management and Efficient Working System


The school also has specialised integrated software which will enable the students and parents to easily check class work, assignments, projects, results, accounts, school notices, etc online. Teachers and managers can use the school software to check classroom activities, plan lessons, prepare question papers, conduct online tests, prepare results, etc.

School Rules and Regulations


The administration and teachers of OIS believe that students commit themselves to learning, accepting responsibility for their work and their behaviour. Our goal is to instill qualities such as common courtesy, manners, respect for others, self-discipline, responsibility and accountability.

We expect students to behave responsibly, recognizing the rights of others to be physically safe, emotionally secure and to pursue their own learning without interference. The OIS administration, teachers and parents need to work together to help children to respect rules. Teachers and parents have a tremendous positive influence when setting clearly defined limits, providing appropriate consequences for behaviour.

The following school rules and regulations apply to students’ actions at all times when under the supervision and guidance of school personnel. Please read these policies over very carefully, and discuss them with your children.


1. Arrival & Closure of gates


Students must be in school by 8:00am on every school day Sundays- Thursdays. Morning Assembly starts at 8:10am.
The school gates will be closed according to the following schedule every morning :
• No student will be allowed to enter the school premises after the gates are closed.
• If a student is found arriving to school after 8:10am for more than 3 consecutive days, s/he will be refused entry into the school from the next day and marked “absent” on that day.


2. Assembly 


School assembly is held regularly except during Ramadan and during Half-Yearly and Annual Examinations. A short verse from the Holy Quran, School Oath and National Anthem are delivered as well as other information pertaining to school life and character building. All students must be present at assembly.


3. Student behavior


In the school premises, students should:a. Be punctual for school and for individual classes. In senior classes, where students move between classes, every effort should be made to arrive punctually.

b. Greet teachers.

c. Stand up quickly and quietly when a teacher enters a classroom. Greet the teacher and sit quickly to commence lessons.

d. Come to class prepared with all the materials needed and be ready to begin work on time.

e. Raise their hand politely and wait to be called upon if they wish to speak during a class lesson. If the class is involved in an informal discussion, take turns when speaking. Students should give full attention to the teacher or student who is speaking, and allow other students to concentrate on their work. They should behave in a manner that does not disrupt classroom learning or the operation of the school.

f. Keep to the left of the stairs and corridors. Allow staff to go first.

g. Please refrain from pushing, running and shouting in school.

h. Please share facilities with other students, for eg. table-tennis etc. g. Speak in English at all times except during Bengali, German and Chinese classes.

i. Maintain silence in the library, leaving the tables clear of books and chairs in place when leaving.

j. Not remain on school premises after school, unless for ASTP/STC, ECA or unless asked by a staff member.

Outside school, students should:

a. Spend time completing homework and studying for tests outside school hours.

b. Do extra English reading each day.


4. Picking up / dropping off students 


a. Drivers picking up and dropping off students must queue in a single line at the gates.
b. Drivers should not double park or use the horn (unless to avoid an accident.)
c. Students, whose drivers do not adhere to traffic rules, will be issued a warning letter. Should this happen again, a final warning will be issued and on the third occasion the student will be suspended.


5. Attendance and Absence Procedures


Students are required to attend school faithfully. Students should never leave the school premises for any reason unless accompanied by a parent, guardian or teacher, after being properly “signed-out” at the School Office.

Whenever a student is absent from school for any reason, the following procedure should be followed:

Firstly, parents should telephone the school office the first morning of the student’s sickness to notify us of absence. This applies also to cases of bereavement, family illness, sudden emergencies, etc.

In addition, upon return to school the student must bring a written explanation for absence on the special school form provided at the office.

Requests for holiday or absence for engagements etc. must be made 3 clear days in advance on the form available at the school office. Approval is not automatic.

If we feel that the education of the student may suffer, we may not approve it. We hope that you will appreciate that this is entirely for the benefit of your child’s education.Parents should try to instil in their children the need to be regular at school.


6. Homework, classwork and tests 


Homework is set regularly and students are encouraged to work without the help of tutors.Parents are requested to sign their child’s diary daily in order to keep abreast of homework assignments. They expected to complete homework and classwork assignments neatly, carefully, and on time. Students should work to their full potential. If a student experiences difficulty in completing an assignment with “good cause”, the student’s parent should explain the situation to the teacher with a short note in his or her diary.

When students have been absent for more than 20% of the term time they are not given as assessment report. In this case, the school will not be held responsible for the child’s progress and there is a good chance that he/she will lose ground in class and have to repeat the year.

Students who are ill will not be allowed to come to school just to sit for tests or examinations. Test and examination grades will be kept confidential and only disclosed to the concerned student’s parents.


7. Dispersal policy :


Please be informed that the dispersal timing of Classes 3-12 will be as follows :
• Classes 3-4 : 1:45pm
• Classes 5-7 : 2:00pm
• Classes 8-12 : 2:15pm (8th period for A/AS Level will be from 2:15pm-2:55pm)


Rules of Dispersal :


• Parents/Guardians, coming to pick up their children, are required to be punctual when they arrive at the school.

• Students of Classes 3-4 will be sent to the Ground floor by their respective Class Teachers. Parents/Guardians should remain on the Ground floor; no parent/guardian will need to go up to the classrooms.

• Students of Classes 5-7 will exit the school through Front Gate-1.

• Students of Classes 8-12 must take the staircase beside the lift to the basement. They can exit the school through the Back Gate or up the driveway through Front Gate-2.

• ASTP students are required to stay in their respective classrooms.

• Transport students should gather in Room # 102, 103, 104 on the 1st floor.

• Transport sisters/drivers will collect the transport students from the above classrooms at 2:20pm.

• School transport vehicles will leave at 2:30pm sharp. If any transport student is not able to reach the bus by 2:30pm, s/he must inform the Transport Dept earlier. Otherwise, the vehicles will leave on the scheduled time.

If any student is found deliberately violating the Dispersal Rules, s/he might be given a 1-hour detention after school in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC).