OIS Alumni Association
The Oxford International School Alumni Association is a thriving community of former students who have graduated from the prestigious Oxford International School. This association serves as a platform for alumni to reconnect, network, and stay engaged with their alma mater. Members of the Alumni Association often come from diverse backgrounds and have pursued various career paths, making it a valuable resource for both personal and professional development. The association hosts regular reunions, events, and workshops, fostering a sense of camaraderie among its members. It also plays an active role in supporting the school’s educational initiatives and contributing to its continued success. Whether it’s through mentorship programs, scholarship opportunities, or volunteering, the Oxford International School Alumni Association remains dedicated to giving back to the institution that played a significant role in shaping its members’ lives.
The Oxford International School Alumni Association's mission is to connect and support its former students. It aims to nurture lifelong bonds among alumni, promote professional growth, contribute to education, celebrate achievements, preserve traditions, expand outreach, and encourage innovation. Through these efforts, the association strives to create a dynamic and engaged community of alumni who are committed to upholding the school's values and making a positive impact on education, careers, and society as a whole.
OIS Alumni Association
"What's the Alumni Association for?"


The Alumni Association facilitates alumni networking and connection through reunions, social events, and online communities.

Professional Development

Alumni Associations offer career resources like mentorship programs, job placement assistance, and job boards to aid in professional growth.

Community Involvement

Alumni Associations connect graduates, support charity and scholarships, and improve the community, benefiting students and society for a better world.

The Alumni Association plays a pivotal role in fostering alumni networking and connections. It achieves this through the organization of reunions, social events, and the establishment of vibrant online communities. These initiatives provide a platform for former students to come together, rekindle old friendships, forge new connections, and share experiences. From in-person gatherings to virtual interactions, the Alumni Association ensures that alumni can stay connected, exchange insights, and nurture a sense of belonging within the larger alumni family. These activities are integral to sustaining lifelong relationships and offering a support system that extends far beyond the school years.
Professional Development.
Alumni Associations provide a range of career resources, including mentorship programs, job placement assistance, and job boards, aimed at facilitating and enhancing the professional growth of their members. These resources offer valuable support, guidance, and networking opportunities to help alumni navigate their career paths, make informed choices, and stay connected with the broader alumni community. Whether seeking mentorship from experienced professionals, assistance in finding job opportunities, or a platform to explore career prospects, the Alumni Association serves as a vital hub for alumni as they continue to advance in their professional journeys.
Community Involvement.
Alumni Associations serve as a vital bridge, connecting graduates with their alma mater. They play a multifaceted role in supporting charitable initiatives, funding scholarships, and enhancing the wider community. By uniting alumni, they create a powerful network that not only benefits students but also contributes to the betterment of society. The collective efforts of alumni associations foster a sense of giving back and philanthropy, leading to improved educational opportunities and community development. In this way, alumni associations play a pivotal role in shaping a brighter future, cultivating responsible, compassionate individuals, and creating a better world for all.

The mission of the Oxford International School Alumni Association is deeply rooted in fostering connections and providing unwavering support to its former students. Our primary aim is to cultivate and nurture lifelong bonds among alumni, creating a sense of belonging and a shared journey that extends far beyond graduation.

We are committed to promoting the professional growth of our alumni, offering resources and opportunities for career development, mentorship, and networking. By facilitating these connections, we aspire to empower our alumni to excel in their chosen fields and endeavors.

Furthermore, our dedication to education extends to funding scholarships and supporting initiatives that enhance educational opportunities for current and future generations. We believe in the transformative power of education and are determined to contribute to its advancement.

Celebrating achievements, preserving traditions, and expanding our outreach are integral to our mission. We cherish the accomplishments of our alumni and the traditions that define our school’s legacy. At the same time, we are forward-looking, committed to expanding our reach and engaging a broader community of alumni.

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