Celebrating 30 Years of Success

Oxford International School (OIS) hosted its Annual Science Fair 2017 in March. It was a grand event that spun across two days and consisted of a display and assembly of over two hundred innovative projects that made a brilliant attempt at showcasing the talent and zeal of our young scientists in the art of creation and innovation. The huge variety of projects consisted of two categories – mechanical and non-mechanical. The non-mechanical category was mainly relegated to our Junior scientists with their colorful 3D model-based projects depicting our ecosystems, traffic plans to address the terrible traffic control issue in the country, and various space-saving ideas for establishing residences in populated communities. Whereas, the mechanical category that the older scientists participated in consisted of fully functional models of
Air Coolers, electronically and remotely operated Laser Cars, remotely operated home security systems, energy-saving refrigerator prototypes, and many many more innovative project ideas. It was a very successful event as it ended in complete faith that these young scientists shall one day lead our nation globally toward recognition and success with their efforts and creativity that knows no bounds.

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