CIE Approved Science Labs

Physics Lab

Physics is one of the strongest department of Oxford International School regarding all contexts. Our syllabuses are structured, segregated and organized from junior to senior. Teachers are CIE trained and experienced in both theory and experimental teaching.


We have our well designed, furnished CIE authorized laboratory where we collected the most modern, sufficient and essential science equipments. Fire & safety measures are also our concern. A well trained team of practical teachers along with teaching assistants are always supportive to ensure better learning. We have focus on practical demonstration to understand and create attraction on science and physics learning.

Chemistry Lab

The Department of Chemistry at Oxford International School (OIS) provides the most outstanding environment for studies in Chemistry and it is the most equipped Department in the School for Cambridge O & A level. This is one of the most active Departments in OIS and has renowned CIE trained faculty for its excellence in teaching and lab facilities.


The unique strength of our Department is its Laboratory based educational approach to meet CIE O & A level curriculum and teaching thereby. The Department’s practical efforts are supported by a state-of-the-art Modern Instrument Facility that provides each and every student access to shared instrumentation. Advanced instrumentation is an essential component of science laboratory. Our Chemistry Department and logistic support department collectively maintain inventory of all required hardware & chemicals that is constantly being updated. All necessary qualitative & quantitative lab experiments are designed, instructed & performed using appropriate apparatus focusing the CIE syllabus/curriculum. Fire & safety measures are also our concern. The ultimate mission of our Department is to provide the best possible solution to our future Scientists.

Biology Lab

The Department of Biology at Oxford International School has a combination of youth and experienced teachers, supported by a well-maintained, enormous and well equipped lab. Here, Students can explore all CAIE experiments with an international flavour, as OIS is CAIE accredited.


Students enjoy a very friendly, disciplined and congenial environment. We always take high safety measures while experimenting. We have a well trained and experienced lab assistant. The school learners will have the opportunities to utilize the laboratory and equipment, undertaking both practical and theory work under the supervision of educators.