Dhanmondi Main Campus

Message from the Vice Principals

Sharmin Mahmud

Vice Principal, Junior School
Oxford International School

The school aims to equip children with the necessary mix of knowledge, skills , competencies and attitudes to excel in the global area. We are therefore committed to improving student learning outcomes and providing teaching approaches that meet the needs of all students; not just in words but in our actions. How we teach must reflect how our students learn. It must also reflect the world our students will move into. This is a world which is rapidly changing, connected, adapting and evolving. Our style and approach to teaching must emphasise the learning in the 21st century. For this, we have adapted to one pedagogical approach to teaching and learning which is inquiry learning. This approach encourages students to ask key questions for investigation. It also considers the connections across learning areas, as well as the way that individual students learn. We ensure here in Junior school that learning to be more relevant to the known area of each child and that the concepts are learned in context and relate to existing knowledge, student interests, needs and questions inform teachers of the appropriate teaching and learning experiences that are required for particular cohorts of students and are central in the planning process.


Lastly, we value our parents co-operation to such an extent by which this wonderful journey of progress sustains throughout both at school and also at home.

Sifat Laila

Vice Principal, Senior School
Oxford International School

Welcome to the Oxford family! We give the utmost importance and value to our students and parents, and strongly encourage them to become the active part of OIS family!


It always gives me immense pleasure to work in education sectors and I am privileged to work with the teenagers and young adults to assist them to be their very best selves. Oxford students are being taught as individual thinkers, critical problem solvers and inspired learners as well as social contributors in national and global platforms.


I am responsible and accountable for ensuring a Safe Environment for each and every student and maintain a high standard of Child Protection Policy across all the campuses guided by the British Council, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Our teachers help our students to be successful in Senior School by assisting them to understand what is required to be good learners inside and outside the classroom. Students have to undertake big challenges and need huge supports to grow as efficient learners, and we look forward to helping them maximise their growth at OIS. They learn how to recover from their mistakes, and how to set and achieve goals. They also learn to master the capacity of working individually and in a team or a group, speaking in public and being good at presentation. We have designed the Project Based Learning (PBL) and Research Assignments to develop our students’ interpersonal skills, social and emotional skills, and academic skills in order to prepare them for their success and to help them to be responsible citizens.


OIS students demonstrate success in all aspects of education and extracurricular activities. Achieving Scholarships in USA, Germany, Nepal, India and other countries helps them shine in their future and at the same time make them confident enough to bridge the Arts and Culture in national and international levels.  


We follow the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and our students are fortunate enough to learn with the guidance of an experienced pool of highly experienced and well-trained Cambridge teachers which lead them to excel in education throughout their lives. OIS students are well-known for achieving both world-highest and country-highest scores in the CAIE in different fields. A good number of students receive the Daily Star Awards every year. Besides, OIS scholars show their extraordinary records on placements in the world ranking universities every year especially in MIT, Harvard, Oxford, McGill, Princeton, etc.

Message from the School Coordinator

Dipa Biswas

School Coordinator & Academic Counselor,
Senior School

Oxford International School

Today’s education makes students prepare to face the world tomorrow. Oxford International School believes in making future leaders who will become responsible citizens of the society, country as well the world. Our teachers are committed to high quality learning experience focusing on the individual needs of the students. We are striving to be creative and innovative in our instruction to engage students in learning through a variety of activities, applications of technology and 21st Century skills. 


Our main objective is to help the students achieve their dreams and find success in pursuing life goals. We believe that there are numerous opportunities, both within curricula and through extracurricular activities, for our students to gain the skills and knowledge that will facilitate their learning in the future in their higher studies. 


We offer CAIE curriculum and our teachers are CAIE trained. I would also take this opportunity to inform you that we provide our venue to British for the CAIE examination and our students attend exams in their own school campus. We have well-equipped labs where both internal and CAIE exams are held.


As Academic Counselor, my goal is to pave the way for the students in achieving higher degrees. Every year our students get admitted to the top-ranking universities of the world with scholarships. We provide services for both the academic and career development of students. 


Finally, let us all work together in making a better world by providing the best education to our students.