Digital Campus

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become an integral and inevitable part of life. We cannot lead a modern life without ICT. According to the current government’s commitment, we are hoping to have a “Digital Bangladesh” by 2021. However, to facilitate this process, ICT should be introduced into education at the primary school stage. Schools should have enough ICT facilities to supplement education.


Oxford International School is at the forefront of providing ICT-based education. OIS is the only school in Bangladesh with Computer Studies as a compulsory subject from Playgroup to Class 10 and the only school that offers Applied ICT in AS Level. Each section of the school enjoys its own dedicated computer lab, configured to meet the specialised needs of the students of that age range. All of our up-to-date computers are Internet-connected through our Wi-Fi system, allowing students anywhere in the school to access an inexhaustible bank of online-knowledge and learning materials to supplement and extend their learning.