Field Tour

Oxford International School’s annual domestic tour is a cherished tradition that encapsulates our commitment to holistic education and the multifaceted development of our students. This profound initiative aims to provide our students with a unique and enriching opportunity to explore and learn about the diverse tapestry of cultures, traditions, and languages that thrive within their own nation. While travel is a central component of these tours, they are, at their core, educational experiences that transcend the mere act of journeying from one place to another.

The objectives of our domestic tours are multifaceted, underpinned by a vision to spark curiosity, ignite a thirst for knowledge, and cultivate a profound understanding of the richness and diversity that our country has to offer. The experiences gained during these tours are instrumental in shaping well-rounded individuals who appreciate the cultural, linguistic, and regional diversity that defines our nation.

Our carefully planned domestic tours offer students an immersive and educational experience beyond the classroom. Students explore historical monuments, natural wonders, and cultural centers, gaining a deep appreciation for the diversity that defines our nation. These tours foster tolerance, empathy, and appreciation for different cultures, preparing students to become responsible and globally aware citizens. At Oxford International School, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our students, making every detail of their experience, from itinerary planning to accommodation, a top priority. Ultimately, these annual tours help shape our students into well-rounded individuals with a deep appreciation for the cultural and linguistic diversity that defines our nation.

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