Gulshan Campus

Oxford International School started a new journey in Gulshan in 2012 .At present we have classes from Play group to O level, led by a team of experienced and energetic teachers. Students of upper classes are always busy with their activities here with teachers, while kids like to call this as their home with another mother.

Message of the Vice Principal
VP Gulshan

Tasnuva Haque

Vice Principal

It has been a very common statement of a student that he prefers school to his house! It often knocks my conscience that the innocent child is with our guidance and we are exclusively answerable of moulding his future.


It’s our moral sense of leading the child to a right track but if our effort goes off-track, unquestionably we will remain accountable to our compunction.


Consequently my heart goes with the consideration of providing every single student an all-inclusive schooling.


In that regard, guardians expect foremost a homely atmosphere where his child is in safe hands and satisfactorily attended.


We do ensure it. If I recall my student life, I remember that my parents often hassled tracking my school learning!


Keeping the situation in mind, we now assure that all guardians from Play Group to A Level are able to ‘record tracking’ of everyday lesson provided in the school.


Even if after a whole year, a guardian has now been facilitated to get all lessons sequentially at a glance. An idea often propels me round the clock!


If some thousands of patients live with a hope for life pivoting a doctor, I firmly believe, it’s quite possible for 30 students to remain spirited in every facet of life circling a teacher.


Thus we have initiated ‘Each Student File Policy’ where a guardian or a student can mark his notes for anything possible requirement from school and the annotations are being attended gradually and professionally resulting positive consequence.


Either in student’s copies or in his personal file, we do recognize his individualities and concentrate accordingly concerning the guardians.


Yes, besides the excellence in academics, we have thought of facilitating a child flourishing his ‘all skill’ in manifold extracurricular activities providing an all rounded teaching.


In the end, I mean to say that a child is a blessing for us in the world and we can’t but support the child to be led to a right path of all education!