Health Care

Our campuses are all equipped with first aid boxes for minor injuries but there is also a doctor available during school hours on the main campus who can rush directly to any other location, as well as a school nurse.

Medipoint provides a single point medical centre equipped to provide immediate care in any emergencies. The Medipoint is overseen by a qualified paediatrician, supported by well-trained assistants. When necessary, he makes home calls on students. In emergencies or if a child becomes sick in school, initial medical care is provided free of charge.

The doctor takes particular care to maintain full and complete communication with parents and guardians, over telephone or face to face in person, so that all can work together for the very best interests of the children.

In addition to responding to accidents or sickness in today’s age, there is an increasing importance given to preventive healthcare-ensuring that children grow up fit and healthy. Medipoint takes a number of initiatives throughout the year with this very concern in mind. From time to time, there is liaison with outside agencies for inoculation programmes. In addition, on a regular basis all children undergo a routine medical check-up. This is an opportunity to check that all vaccinations are up-to-date, height and weight are progressing appropriately and that in all respects, the child is maintaining good health.