Helping Nepal

At 11:56 am on 26th In April 2015, time came to a halt in Nepal. It was one of the worst Earthquakes, the world ever saw. Over 9,000 people died and over 23,000 people were injured. A catastrophe of such a scale brings people together. It makes you think of how lucky you are to not have fallen victim to the disaster. Students and staff of OIS launched a week-long campaign, “Help Nepal, Help Humanity”. The parents were very generous in their donations and show of support. A significant amount of donations also came voluntarily from students and general people. A group of 1,400 students and staff members created a human chain on Dhanmondi Road 27 with an appeal to the people of Bangladesh to stand by Nepali victims. A charity food sale, Eat to Feed, was held the following day which also received a massive response. A total donation of over Taka 3 lac was raised throughout the entire campaign.

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