Oxford International School (OIS) takes great pride in its commitment to nurturing and empowering students pursuing AS and A levels. To further enhance the educational journey and offer our students a holistic learning experience, OIS has established a comprehensive and dynamic internship program. This program provides students with a unique and invaluable opportunity to gain real-world experience by working as interns across a diverse range of workstations within our institution.

The OIS Internship Program is meticulously managed by the distinguished team of Senior School leaders, comprising the Vice Principal, School Coordinator, and Coordinator, who work in collaboration with various members of the school’s management. This collective effort involves the formation of a dedicated committee, which includes Class Coordinators, to oversee the successful execution of this program.

Our commitment to providing a well-rounded and enriching educational experience extends beyond the classroom, and the OIS Internship Program stands as a testament to our dedication to nurturing the talents, skills, and potential of our students. Through this program, students are encouraged to explore their passions, develop critical life skills, and gain firsthand exposure to the professional world, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in their academic and professional journeys. The OIS Internship Program is a cornerstone of our educational philosophy, fostering excellence in education and personal growth.

The students must fulfill the following criteria for being eligible to join the Internship Programme –
Active students of AS and A level
Must achieve a minimum of ‘C’ grade on all subjects either in Mock Test 2/ Mock Test 1/ Qualifying Examinations.
Students must attend at least 80% classes of all the subjects.

The interns must sign a ‘Non-Disclosure Agreement’ while joining the Internship Program. The internship program is six months and the working hours for each intern are at least ten hours per week. Interns receive certificates from School Management after successful completion of the six month-programs.

Recruitment Process

The Internship Program at Oxford International School (OIS) is an exceptional opportunity for students pursuing AS and A levels to embark on a transformative journey towards personal and professional growth. To ensure that this invaluable opportunity reaches every eligible student, OIS employs a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach to disseminating information.

At the outset of each academic session, OIS takes proactive steps to announce and promote the Internship Program. This promotion takes center stage on the school’s official website and the dynamic Oxford International School Facebook page. Through these digital platforms, we aim to provide easy access and visibility, ensuring that students, as well as their parents or guardians, are well-informed about this enriching program.

In addition to online promotion, we maintain direct and personalized communication with our AS and A-level students. We understand the significance of reaching out to our students in a manner that resonates with their busy lives. Hence, we utilize email and SMS notifications to ensure that every eligible student receives timely information regarding the Internship Program.

To express their interest and participate in the program, students of AS and A levels are requested to submit their curriculum vitae (CVs). Our program circular provides students with a detailed and clear procedure for this submission. This stage is the first crucial step, where students showcase their qualifications, aspirations, and potential to make a meaningful contribution.

Recruitment Process

Once the CV submission phase is completed, our diligent committee members meticulously review and sort through the CVs. These committee members are well-versed in identifying the most promising candidates who possess the drive and skills needed to excel in the program.

Following the initial CV review, selected students are invited to participate in a comprehensive interview session. This session is a pivotal evaluation stage where students have the opportunity to engage with the committee members directly. It serves as a platform for students to demonstrate their passion, skills, and suitability for the Internship Program, and for the committee members to assess their potential as interns.

Students who successfully navigate the interview process and qualify are recognized as eligible candidates to join our prestigious Internship Program. At Oxford International School, we take great pride in selecting the most promising talents and providing them with an unparalleled platform for gaining practical experience and expertise. This program not only paves the way for students to thrive in their academic pursuits but also equips them with essential skills for future success. It is a testament to our commitment to nurturing the leaders and professionals of tomorrow.

Categories of Internship
Teaching Assistant
Brand Promotion
ECA Development
Event Management

The interns go through a process of continuous assessment, they are monitored and assessed by their respective supervisors as well as the mentors with whom the interns work. They are given feedback every two months where they are informed about their areas of improvement, there can be more frequent feedback based on the performance of the intern.

At the end of six months, the interns are marked out of 100 based on their performance. The interns with 90% and above marks receive a ‘Distinction Certificate’ and interns with 70%-89% marks receive a ‘Participation Certificate’.


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