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Oxford International School (OIS) runs an internship program for students of AS and A levels. OIS offers the opportunity to the students of classes AS and A story to gain valuable experience by working as interns in various workstations of the institution. This program is run by the management of the Senior School – Vice Principal, School Coordinator, and Coordinator along with other management members– forming a committee with the Class Coordinators.
The students must fulfill the following criteria for being eligible to join the Internship Programme –
Active students of AS and A level
Must achieve a minimum of ‘C’ grade on all subjects either in Mock Test 2/ Mock Test 1/ Qualifying Examinations.
Students must attend at least 80% classes of all the subjects.

The interns must sign a ‘Non-Disclosure Agreement’ while joining the Internship Program. The internship program is six months and the working hours for each intern are at least ten hours per week. Interns receive certificates from School Management after successful completion of the six month-programs.

Recruitment Process

The advertisement of the Internship Program is circulated on the website and Facebook page of Oxford International School at the beginning of the session. Besides, the students are also informed through email and SMS. The students of AS and A levels submit their CVs following the procedure mentioned in the circular. The committee members sort out the CV and the students are called for the interview. The students attend the interview session which is conducted by the committee members. The students qualifying in the interview become eligible to join the internship program.
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Categories of Internship

Teaching Assistant
Brand Promotion
ECA Development
Event Management


The interns go through a process of continuous assessment, they are monitored and assessed by their respective supervisors as well as the mentors with whom the interns work. They are given feedback every two months where they are informed about their areas of improvement, there can be more frequent feedback based on the performance of the intern.

At the end of six months, the interns are marked out of 100 based on their performance. The interns with 90% and above marks receive a ‘Distinction Certificate’ and interns with 70%-89% marks receive a ‘Participation Certificate’.

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