To make the students well prepared for the future challenges of the competitive job market, OIS offers Internship Programs for the AS and A level students.


Why the students should intern:

  1. To apply the knowledge from the classroom to the real world experience
  2. To explore different career paths and specializations that suit individual interest
  3. To gain professional experience and develop soft skills like communication, leadership, problem solving, team work, conflict resolution etc.
  4. To add value to their resume
  5. To get professional feedback for their career development
  6. To get advantage in university admission


Relevant information about Internship at OIS:

  1. There are two types of Internship programs in OIS – one is for three months and the other the is for six months
  2. Interns can work both as teaching assistant and assisting management staff.
  3. It is a paid program
  4. On completion of the duration and number of periods, experience certificate and recommendation letter will be provided