Clubs of Junior School

Junior Engineers Club

Junior Engineers Club has been designed for the students of Playgroup to KG 1. The aim of this club is to enhance the creativity of students. The students will make different things like houses, vehicles, birds, animals or any other things using Lego and playdough.

Junior Green Club

Early age is the crucial time for the development of a person’s behavior, social awareness and selflessness. So from childhood students should be made aware of the importance of the environment and to spark an interest in caring for and protecting the environment.
The aim of Junior Green Club is to develop a firm ecological mindset and use it to overcome today’s environmental challenges with a proactive attitude and a strong mind. This club will include activities relating to the environment like gardening, recycling and other activities that are necessary to keep the balance of our ecosystem.

Junior Chef Club

OIS works on ensuring that the students are ready for all future challenges. Cooking is a life-skill and Junior Chefs Club intends to build this expertise among the students. This club has been designed for the students from KG 1 to class 2 of Junior School. Students involved in this club learn about kitchen tools and measuring basics, how to stock a pantry, and the steps involved in meal planning. Students learn to prepare common dishes that suit their age level.

Junior Orchestra Club

Junior minds are very fertile and it is very important that they explore different things to understand their area of interest. Junior Orchestra will introduce students with different musical instruments so that students can be familiarized with different musical instruments and find their own interest. This club has been designed for the students from KG 1 to class 2 of Junior School.

Junior Martial Club

Self-defense is very important for the students of this generation. OIS Martial Art Club takes the students through training and teaches them self-defense. This club welcomes the students who want to learn self-defense, develop self-confidence and learn the philosophy of Martial Arts. This club aims at making students self- disciplined and self-controlled, and encourages students in leading a balanced life. This club has been designed for the students from KG 1 to class 2 of Junior School.

Junior Scientist Club

Junior Scientists Club is to nourish the inquisitive minds of the junior students. All the activities of this club are interactive, hands-on and inquiry based. The aim of this club is to strengthen what students are already learning with hands-on science experiences that deepen their education.

Junior Creative Club

Junior Creative Mind club is to get the students’ imagination to run free. It is possible to go to any place and at any time using one’s imagination. This club seeks to unleash the imagination of the students and enable them to give shape to their imagination using words. This club has been designed for the students of Class 1 and class 2 of Junior School.