Old Dhaka Campus

Oxford International School started its new campus at Old Dhaka in 2020 for disseminating the light of education and imparting knowledge to the children of this region with a view to reaching their full potential and unveiling their latent abilities. The classes range from Play Group to A Levels which are monitored by a group of highly educated, well-trained and proficient teachers who assist their students in every possible way and leave no stones unturned in fulfilling their requirements. Each and every campus of this school always strives for academic excellence and welcomes its students to surpass their limits and reach their desired goals and objectives.

Message of the Asst. Vice Principal

Saila Sharfun

Vice Principal, Old Dhaka Campus

Oxford International School (OIS) is one of the most prestigious English medium institutions in our country. This renowned school has produced many capable individuals who have represented Bangladesh in various aspects of the society.


We are very focused on using an activity-based method of teaching and committed to the spirit of learning through interactions. Our aim is to provide an academically rigorous and socially balanced education of higher standard.


Our teaching staff and management team are highly qualified and experienced and are determined to provide an excellent learning experience to our students within relevant and interesting real-world contexts.


Our goal is not only to create smart and outstanding students but also encourage them to attain a strong sense of morality.


We want our respected parents and guardians to work together side by side with us in order to discover our childrens’ hidden potential and ensure a brighter future for them.


We seek to expand in each member of the OIS community the skill and passion to perform sensibly and productively.


Oxford International School was established in 1987 with a mission to impart knowledge and educate students in science, culture, literature, technology and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and its loyal inhabitants.