Oxford International School celebrates quality education and applauds the efforts of all students striving for a better prospect in the future. Some students stand out in the efforts that they have put in and achieve exceptional results. At OIS, we strive to give these high-achieving students a moral boost by recognizing the effort they put into their academic career and awarding them a categorical financial waiver which is entirely based on their merit, named the Merit Scholarship.

We hope that this recognition will go some way to give these students that extra motivation and inspiration to dream bigger and achieve higher in their imminent future.

Some Basic Information:
Students who have attempted their O Level or IGCSE Examinations with either the CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) or Edexcel Board of Examinations respectively, and are seeking admission for their AS Level, are eligible to apply for a Merit Scholarship at OIS.
Merit Scholarship can be availed by the students of both AS Level and A Level.
Merit Scholarship can be availed by both existing students and new admission seekers, but the student must get his/her admission at OIS in AS Level.
The students of AS level avail the merit scholarship based on their results in O level examination.
The students of A level students avail merit scholarships based on their AS level results.
The students getting admitted in AS level must complete their O level examination with at least 6 subjects.
The students getting enrolled in A level must complete AS level examination with at least 3 subjects. Taking 3 (three) subjects in AS level is mandatory for the students of Oxford International School (OIS).
The eligibility of a student is calculated simply by calculating the Grades achieved by the student in his/her O Level and AS level examinations.

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